Gia Trevisan is a professional track and field athlete who is currently training for 2021 Olympics. 

She is passionate about coaching her clients to reach new milestones in running and also mentally. She aims to create an easy to follow training plan that helps prioritize the clients goals and needs.


Everybody has to start somewhere, and perhaps the time is now to start running, create healthy habits, and create a fit mindset. 

Gia created the #RunWithGia program for runners who are looking to achieve their next big milestone, improve fitness, improve strength, and become a more mobile human being. 

The program includes running, lifting, nutrition, and an online virtual community that supports and encourages one another.

Throughout training, there will be tough training cycles, but there will always be major gains whether they are physical or mental. Everyday, show up, put in the work, be consistent, and the milestones will be achieved. 


through Final Surge App 
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monthly training plan

Weight training 


access to gia's coaching expertise and knowledge 

weekly coaching calls

unlimited communication

analysis of training


flexible plans

Growth Mindset 

Improve your running
technique and speed