3 Ways To Overcome Race Anxiety

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

We’ve all been there. When we’re so nervous before a race, that we can’t think straight and forget the race plan. It’s common to have nervousness or anxiousness before a race. I noticed in my last race that I felt my hands shaking! Look, this is completely normal and still happens to seasoned athletes. But it is definitely something that needs to be managed, and used to your advantage.

I have had some bad experiences with anxiety before my races, including my false start in the final at Italian Championships in 2017. But, I’ve learned to control it, use it, and channel it in my race.


First off, one of the ways to overcome anything is to already expect it. What I mean by this is sometimes we don’t prepare ourselves for how we are going to feel, and thus don’t know how to deal with it. But when we can imitate some of the feelings in expectancy, then we can deal with it properly.

I already know I am going to be nervous, so I create a positive association with nervousness beforehand and know that it’s okay.

So here you go, you want to get rid of the negative association with being nervous? Here are some ways that I have overcome my anxiety.

1. Just Be You.

You don’t need to go out there and race like you’re somebody else. Race according to your racing style, what you’ve been working on in training, and bring your own style to the track.

2. Always Do Your Best.

This one. This is the most important one. It’s so important to want to do your best, and wanting to put forth your best effort. When you rely on doing the best you can do, the anxiety goes away because you know what is within your control. When you do your best, it leaves no room for regret or blaming yourself for not being good enough.

3. Use The Nervousness.

Look, we all do better when our nervous systems are elevated. Unless you let the nervousness take over your training, and take over everything you’ve worked for. You want to focus on trusting your training, and knowing that the nervousness will only help, if you let it.

That’s it! As there are so many other components, you can comment, like, share, or write me if you want to keep the conversation going!

Love, GiGi

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